What is Centrae?

The Centrae Platform pairs cutting-edge technology with expert services to empower revenue teams to consistently accelerate scalable, repeatable, and profitable revenue growth. Our unique combination of tools and expert professional services deploys proven best practices to optimize performance and operational excellence and maximize company value.

How does Centrae work?

Centrae uses a data-driven approach to identify opportunities, make improvements, and measure performance against leading key performance indicators to drive best-in-class GTM strategy execution by aligning with the executive team through a series of assessments and workshops. The model has been proven in the private equity space to consistently create revenue acceleration and deliver higher multiples upon exit.

The Centrae Process starts with a guided assessment to diagnose current adoption of best sales and marketing practices. A 100-day plan is developed based on your priorities and the assessment results. Centrae clients achieve the best results by pairing plan implementation with a Centrae GTM Consultant and/or maintaining close collaboration between Centrae and their Commercial Excellence team.

The Centrae Process results in a fully digitized go-to-market (GTM) transformation that leads to scalable sales growth.

Who is Centrae for?

Centrae was created to help middle-market and lower-middle-market private equity firms scale the impact and growth of their teams and the companies they manage. Originally designed to meet the demands of private equity Commercial Excellence teams to improve and execute GTM strategies by tracking leading indicators and the adoption of best practices, Centrae has quickly expanded its reach to industries with similar goals and requirements, such as consulting firms and professional services organizations.

What if I don’t have a Commercial Excellence team?

Centrae sources and provides expert GTM consulting for you, giving you a major advantage over other firms without a Sales Excellence or Commercial Excellence structure.

What problems does Centrae address?

  • Lack of visibility to leading indicators across portfolio companies, clients, business units, divisions, and/or departments
  • Misunderstanding or lack of clarity as to why revenue targets are being missed
  • Not knowing where the bottlenecks are in underperforming areas
  • Not capitalizing on successes and replicating best practices
  • Guesstimating where additional consulting support is really needed
  • Inability to close the delta between top and average performing companies, clients, business units, divisions, and/or departments
  • Unscalable, inefficient management of portfolio companies

Won’t my CEOs think this is just another time-suck?

We’ve actually found that CEOs are our most enthusiastic champions because Centrae helps them work on their business without major disruptions to how they work in their business.

As a result of the Centrae Process, CEOs leverage a data-driven approach to sales and marketing resource allocation, and find they can more clearly articulate the “why” behind revenue results.

How does the set up work?

As cloud-based technology, implementation is straightforward and turnkey, depending on the level of customization and integration you require. Request a demo to see it live.