How long have you been in business?

Centrae was founded in 2019. However, the processes that make up the foundation of our platform have been utilized and shown effective for a much greater time. Our platform was built upon the collective and shared knowledge of Gartner, Forrester, Sales Benchmark Index, Brevit Group, Intel, and Amazon.

How many companies use Centrae?

About 35 companies have gained value by utilizing the Centrae Platform. They span numerous sectors, including technology, manufacturing, distribution, finance, and healthcare.

What kind of results have you achieved?

Results are very company-specific. The first step of our Centrae Platform assesses the company to determine what opportunities exist for growth. The average Centrae customer has experienced a 12X ROI within the first two years of utilizing our platform.

Many of our Centrae clients see leading indicator results within the first month of utilizing the platform. We help clients track key metrics like the number of leads, pipeline value, and closing ratios. We’ve found that these metrics pave the way for lasting revenue acceleration.

What market segments do you support?

One of the great aspects of our platform is that it takes established practices and tailors them specifically to your industry, customers, and business. For this reason, we have demonstrated effectiveness in many market segments.

What is the cost of the platform?

Our platform license is customized to your business needs. We have customers who spend as little as $10,000 per year with us and others that spend 10 to 20 times that. Our sales team strives to ensure your Centrae license provides a clear path to value and ROI.

Does your solution involve consultants; if so, how many?

Most of our customers find the ideal way to get the most out of Centrae is to blend the platform with consulting specialists. The platform is able to stand alone and produce best-in-class GTM strategies. It is also capable of training the team on the execution of these strategies.

Consultants can improve upon this capability by gathering and analyzing data as inputs into the platform and by assisting in the rapid implementation of the tools built using Centrae within the organization’s processes and tech stack.

We have a network of consultants who we trust to get these aspects done right and cost-effectively. This service can be quoted and purchased directly from Centrae.

What other products and services do you offer?

Centrae is focused on one comprehensive platform that navigates a thorough process to accelerate revenue. This process includes assessing, planning, building, implementing, and training all through our single platform.

How much of our time do you require to set up the system?

Centrae is web-based. Within minutes, we can have you and the whole team activated and utilizing the platform for accelerating growth.

What areas do most companies typically need to improve on?

Our first step of the process is to assess how the platform can help improve your specific company based on your current operations. In this process, we see two common struggles:

First, many haven’t understood their customer in an actionable way, including the buyer’s journey, and information sources. Most companies skip this critical step and build a product- or company-driven sales process, rather than a customer-driven one.

Second, many struggles with sales and marketing alignment, which is common in this fast-paced world. Through our platform, both teams strategize plans in one place. The executive team can also view progress and results via our dynamic dashboard.

Can I get access to the system with my mobile device?

For the best experience, Centrae is utilized from any desktop or tablet browser. Smartphone screens are a little too small for all our insights.

How long would it take to complete all the tools?

Before starting, our Customer Success team works with you to make a Centrae Plan that works for everyone. That plan involves time building tools, time implementing tools, and time revisiting pre-built tools.

Getting the most out of Centrae represents a centralized hub for all of your team to access the most current go-to-market strategy. As the world evolves and you enter new markets and acquire companies, the platform is there to keep up with your rapid growth.

What would it cost if I just utilized consultants to do all of this work vs your system?

There are certainly a number of qualified sales and marketing consultants who can provide the needed one-time lift to your company. Where Centrae is different is that we provide continued scalable lift. As the world changes, keeping up and keeping ahead happens with much less effort and cost. The result is a sustained revenue impact.