Team Centrae

We empower our clients to increase company values by enhancing proven practices that optimize performance and operations.

Leadership Team

Natasha Bunten

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Moises Ramiro Lizárraga Delgadillo

Chief Technical Officer

Advisory Board

Kent Parry


Deidra Colvin


About Us

We maintain a collaborative, open and inclusive environment for our employees, customers, and communities.

Customer obsession

Customer Obsession

  • An insatiable desire to provide better value to our customers.
  • Always innovate, surprise and delight our customers.
  • A customer-first approach before moving forward.
  • Learn from competitors but obsess over customers.
Autonomy and accountability

Autonomy and Accountability

  • Own your space and take responsibility.
  • Empower others with information and autonomy.
  • Don’t sacrifice long-term values for the short term.
Asymmetric risk

Take Asymmetric Risk

  • Pursue opportunities with exponential potential impact.
  • Think big, fail fast and learn quickly and adaptively.
  • Think differently about how to best serve customers.
Bias for action

Bias for Action

  • Speed matters in business. Work with urgency.
  • Make reversible decisions with minimal analysis quickly.
  • Be confident and always be willing to pivot.
  • Take calculated risks to capitalize on opportunities.
Growth mindset

Growth Mindset

  • Push progress forward with humble curiosity.
  • Celebrate the success of other team members.
  • Seek to continually grow and develop yourself.
Live life deeply

Live Life Deeply

  • Establish an abundant life with ongoing self-development.
  • Enrich yourself and those around you at work and home.
  • Pursue your higher calling and be your best self.