How Centrae Helped a B2B Company Find 3.6M in Incremental New Revenue

Written by Centrae
August 18, 2022
A B2B company engaged with Centrae after experiencing growth stagnation. Centrae’s assessment feature was utilized to identify critical sales and marketing gaps. The Centrae platform also provided strategies and tools for efficiently closing these gaps.


One of our B2B clients was facing numerous growth obstacles.

They had invested considerable time and resources into organizing their sales and marketing teams for success. They understood some of their strengths, including their pricing strategy, but were uncertain on what was causing the slowdown in their growth rate.

At the same time, executives recognized a huge market opportunity to grow. Allocating more resources to sales and marketing wasn’t producing incremental growth.

Furthermore, existing sales resources struggled to both sign new customers and maintain the existing customer base.

The team was aware that if they could develop a more efficient method of doing things, this may result in the break out growth and value they desired, but they weren’t quite sure what improvements to make. Fortunately, they sought assistance from Centrae.

Our Approach

Centrae first provided a comprehensive assessment of sales and marketing strengths and weaknesses, which identified critical gaps and priorities.

Through our detailed assessment, Centrae confirmed the company had a well-developed organizational strategy and playbook, a good revenue model, pricing strategy, and other sales-centric plans.

Gap Identification

Centrae also identified several customer targeting and messaging gaps that were preventing scale and stalling growth, including the following areas:

Gap Identification

Strategy Guidance

According to the assessment results, the company did not effectively target its core audience.

Their customer-facing messaging failed to convey the value they deliver, nor did it effectively compare them to their competitors.

Recognizing the opportunity, the company selected a Centrae package best suited their needs. The package included strategies for closing these gaps quickly and achieving growth with custom marketing and sales tools.


Results were swift. Within the first 30 days, the teams utilized Centrae Assessment™ and Centrae GTM Suite™ to build and implement foundational growth tools.

The first improved KPI was the number of leads. Closely after, the sales team was able to better convert these leads, resulting in nearly double the conversion rates.

As the team built and implemented all the tools identified as gaps in the next nine months, new business acquisitions went from an average of $187k to $417k per month.

Recognizing the opportunity, the company selected a Centrae package best suited their needs. The package included strategies for closing these gaps quickly and achieving growth with custom marketing and sales tools.

Follow-Up Growth

Having realized these benefits, the executive team wanted to uncover if there were even more opportunities to accelerate revenue. The new and improved customer focus left their previously solid strategies and playbooks in need of an upgrade.

With Centrae platform as their guide, they dug deeper to enhance areas that were initially considered to be well-developed during a second Centrae Assessment™.

As a result, they took the entire business up another leap in this second phase, going from $417K per mo in new client acquisition to $774k per mo without adding significant sales resources.


The Centrae platform identified several initial gaps in the client’s established sales and marketing strategies and iteratively improved upon these areas.

Critical priority area identification and strategic guidance were both successfully obtained by the client within a single platform.

Over the course of the first two years utilizing the Centrae platform, the company sold $3.6M in new incremental revenue they would never have seen had they stayed the course and continued business as usual.

The client was also impressed that Centrae’s methodology could apply to their strengths and not just weaknesses during a second follow up assessment, achieving new results even from areas where they performed well.

Find out which exciting new growth goals Centrae can accomplish for your company with your own complimentary assessment.


The assessment application provides company and fund leaders the ability to measure the current state of their organizations, identify and visualize areas of opportunity, and track progress on improvements made as the team implements changes.

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Centrae unlocks exciting new growth for your company with the help of a Centrae Advisor, GTM Experts, and our powerful and proven business strategy creation, training and collaboration platform.

Choose a solution that is right for your organization by selecting options that are focused on the entire GTM team or an individual function.


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