Centrae Helps Underperforming Portco Achieve 30% YOY Growth

Written by Centrae
October 18, 2023

The Challenge

Our client is a global PE firm whose portfolio boasts more than 100 companies. One of those companies, a provider of AI-powered remote video surveillance, faced several challenges that hindered its growth and expansion.

A Centrae GTM advisor guided the portfolio company’s leadership through the assessment process which revealed three critical gaps that needed to be bridged to enable growth:

  • Lack of channel strategy.
  • Lack of territory strategy linked to buyer journeys.
  • A need to upgrade talent in some key areas.

The Plan

The next part of our process is analyzing the results of the assessment and creating a plan. The GTM advisor presented the assessment results back to the management team and our client, the PE Sponsor, with recommendations to achieve the 100-day plan. With a clear roadmap and customized learning path, the portfolio company’s new-appointed CEO leveraged Centrae’s workshops in the platform to enable the leadership team to execute.

The growth transformation plan identified and addressed the three critical gaps.

Channel Strategy

Expanded sales reach to regions without a direct presence by creating a channel program that would allow them to sell through partner organizations. Built out Fixed and Channel capabilities, including backfilling an underperforming manager, setting performance metrics, and upgrading poor-performing territory managers.

Territory Strategy

Built an enterprise team to strategically partner with major accounts and gain the first right of refusal and preferred partner agreements. Developed a template and framework to hold territory managers accountable for performance.

Upgraded Talent

Filled gaps in open territories by creating job descriptions, refining the hiring process, and having weekly calls with a recruiting agency. During the assessment process, the leadership team found that the current sales leader was not capable of executing large, strategic initiatives.

Consequently, the leader was let go, and the company partnered with one of our Toolkit Partners to conduct a search and fill the key position.

The Outcome

Through collaboration with their Centrae GTM Advisor and effective utilization of the platform, the portfolio company was able to successfully execute the transformation strategy, which led to exceptional results.

  • 30% YOY revenue growth, becoming the highest value creation portco not only within the microcap fund but across the firm’s entire portfolio of 100+ companies.
  • Sales increased by 25% in the first 5 months.
  • Bookings increased by 51% in the first 5 months.
  • Win rate went from 21% to 44% in 18 months.
  • MQLs went from 2,874 per month to 3,873 in 18 months (a 35% increase).
  • SQLs went from 401 per month to 543 in 18 months (a 35% increase).

“The Centrae GTM framework was essential to defining the marketing and sales funnel for our business. The framework helped us establish the core strategies for demand generation, including the progression of potential customers from suspects to MCL, MQL, SALs, and SQLs. This enabled us to align the opportunity management process with the buyer’s journey and tie everything together.

The reporting and other tools provided the leading and trailing indicators, which give us visibility into the specific aspects of the business. The Centrae process has helped us have a solid driving Northstar for the organization, which has made life easier.”

– Portfolio Company CEO

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