Octane partners with Centrae

March 6, 2023


Octane announces a new partnership with Centrae, a platform and service that helps companies accelerate their revenue growth by consistently improving and effectively executing their GTM strategies

Newport Beach, CA March 6, 2023 – Octane, Orange County’s technology and life sciences accelerator organization announces a strategic partnership with Centrae, a platform and service that helps companies accelerate their revenue growth that consistently improves and effectively executes their GTM strategies.

This partnership will bring Centrae to Octane Capital & Growth in assisting companies with accelerating revenue growth in a sustainable and repeatable way through best practice enablement and referrals to vetted service providers.

With Centrae, businesses can receive an entirely digitized GTM transformation solution that leads to scalable sales growth. With this personalized GTM Plan, Centrae helps users efficiently hit their revenue targets with a guided platform and services that assess, rapidly build, and integrate the plan. The Centrae Process also gives users a clear path on the order in which things should be completed. The Centrae Process is to: Identify Challenges, Create a Plan, Build Solutions, Implement Solutions, and Measure Results. “Centrae is a great addition to Octane’s list of Preferred Advisors,” said Bill Carpou, CEO of Octane. “Centrae’s services will allow companies to grow to their fullest potential, while also keeping areas for growth at the forefront of the mind. This will ultimately help companies increase revenue and let users know where there is still more room for growth.”

The mix of Centrae’s personalized electronic GTM solutions and Octane’s large network of Orange County-based companies creates an opportunity for these start-ups to really understand which areas of their business have more potential, and the optimal practices to achieve that growth. Centrae helps companies accelerate their revenue growth through a platform and service that consistently improves and effectively executes their GTM strategies.

Craig Woll, PhD, President and Co-Founder of Centrae, stated,” We are energized by the partnership between Centrae and Octane to provide our platform to companies as a way to accelerate revenue growth. Centrae helps companies build and execute a GTM strategy based on research-based best practices. Building upon the progress from the Luanchpad SBDC Accelerator, alumni can grow their company and demonstrate to investors that they create value.”

With Centrae available to founders and entrepreneurs of emerging companies within our ecosystem, we’re able to enrich the breadth and depth of our offerings so these entrepreneurs can do great things with technology and more importantly with their strategic decisions for growth and increasing revenue. It is no secret that businesses can grow stagnant due to the inability to capitalize on current situations. Centrae offers our ecosystem a solution that will not only improve strategic decisions but also help businesses grow in areas that need it.

About Octane

Octane convenes and enables the Southern California tech and medtech business ecosystem by connecting people, resources, and capital. We impact our community through LaunchPad, a top-performing accelerator, Octane Capital & Growth, a platform to provide companies with capital and growth resources, Ignite Series, in-person and on-demand leading content, and Octane Foundation for Innovation, focused on furthering our mission while advancing diversity and inclusiveness.  Learn more at octaneoc.org. 


The assessment application provides company and fund leaders the ability to measure the current state of their organizations, identify and visualize areas of opportunity, and track progress on improvements made as the team implements changes.

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