Introducing Centrae Workshops

Written by Centrae
February 28, 2024
We’re excited to introduce an inside look at the Centrae Workshops! The simple-to-use workshops guide you step by step through learning modules which offer short explainer video introductions to each concept, getting everyone speaking the same language from the start.

As the team progresses through the workshop, they are actually building the playbook of their value creation plan. With over 40 on-demand workshops, your management team can execute on the value creation roadmap in record time.

Why Centrae Workshops?

Private equity firms use the workshops to scale the time of their Operating Partners and Value Creation Teams.

Key Benefits:

  • Depth of Content: 40+ Sales and Marketing workshops to quickly and effectively build things like a Buyer Persona, Value Proposition, Ideal Client Profile, SWOT Analysis and more.
  • Time: Trying to align schedules for an entire management team is tough. The Workshops enable teams to accomplish pre-work and maximize meeting times.
  • Consistent and Repeatable: Operating Partners and Value Creation Teams can use the workshops to ensure the 2-5 portfolio companies they manage are focused and on-track with their priorities.

Go to market with Confidence

By leveraging the Centrae Workshop, companies can execute their GTM strategies with confidence. It eliminates the guesswork, providing a clear indicator of progress across companies to their GTM plan. Say goodbye to endless meetings without clear progress. Say hello to making meaningful progress in the span of a few hours with downloadable content at the end of the session!

SOURCE: Centrae, Inc.

About Centrae, Inc.

Centrae is a revenue acceleration platform that combines technology with expertise to optimize value creation and earn additional multiples upon exit. Designed for private equity firms, Centrae deploys proven best practices in portfolio companies. From acquisition to exit, Centrae is the tool PE firms use to scale impact and increase value creation.

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