Introducing the Centrae Assessment Tool

Written by Centrae
February 26, 2024

We’re excited to introduce an inside look at the Centrae Assessment Tool! This cutting-edge capability goes beyond just assessing your company’s GTM (Go-To-Market) strategy; it precisely diagnoses where to start, diving deep into the best practices of sales and marketing processes.

Why Centrae Assessment Tool?

In the fast-paced race to accelerate revenue growth, pinpointing the right areas for improvement and establishing robust best practices are critical. The Assessment is broken down into two comprehensive components.

  1. First, a Sales Assessment covering 17 areas including
    1. Revenue Operations
    2. Sales Organizational Design
    3. Deal Desk Execution
    4. Channel Strategy
  2. Secondly, the Marketing Assessment covers 15 essential areas in marketing including
    1. Marketing Automation
    2. Buyer Personas
    3. Lead Management

See the video to preview all 32 assessment areas.

Key Benefits:

  • Precision Diagnosis: The Centrae Assessment Tool doesn’t just provide an overview; it meticulously dives deep,
    uncovering critical gaps
  • Consistent and Repeatable: The GTM Assessment is a consistent benchmarking mechanism. It swiftly evaluates the GTM maturity of portfolio companies and helps focus the entire management team on the right priorities
  • Simplified Roadmap: Centrae Assessment Tool crafts a straightforward roadmap, guiding companies through the execution of their GTM plans with ease. It breaks down complex strategies into actionable steps for seamless implementation
  • Customization for Added Value: PE firms can customize the assessment to their industry or unique value creation strategy.

Go to market with Confidence

By leveraging the Centrae Assessment Tool, companies can execute their GTM strategies with confidence. It eliminates the guesswork, providing a clear roadmap for success. Additionally, the tool fosters collaboration and informed decision-making, offering real-time insights into the progress of GTM plans.
Say goodbye to manual planning and hello to streamlined execution with the Centrae Assessment Tool. Experience the power of data-driven decision-making and unlock your company’s full potential today!

SOURCE: Centrae, Inc.

About Centrae, Inc.

Centrae is a revenue acceleration platform that combines technology with expertise to optimize value creation and earn additional multiples upon exit. Designed for private equity firms, Centrae deploys proven best practices in portfolio companies. From acquisition to exit, Centrae is the tool PE firms use to scale impact and increase value creation.

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The assessment application provides company and fund leaders the ability to measure the current state of their organizations, identify and visualize areas of opportunity, and track progress on improvements made as the team implements changes.

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