Introducing the Centrae Plan Builder

Written by Centrae
November 27, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature – the Plan Builder! This powerful addition to the Centrae platform is designed to revolutionize how you categorize, sequence, and assign activities for sales and marketing best practice enablement for private equity portfolio companies.

Why Plan Builder?

Accelerating revenue growth in companies is dependent on establishing best practices and ensuring they are consistently implemented in the sales and marketing organization. The Plan Builder optimizes that process by providing the capability to customize how PE Firms and portfolio companies categorize their tasks and best practice enablement activities into a workflow.

Key Benefits:

Visibility: With Plan Builder, you can categorize activities into distinct, easily manageable groups. This feature ensures that you can maintain a clear visibility of your initiatives at a glance.

Efficiency: Create a sequence of tasks and activities that align with your sales and marketing best practices. Establish a clear path to success that can be customized and repeated to scale your efficiency.

Flexibility: Plans can be assigned to specific people and modified. As the plan progresses, you can evolve with your strategy by customizing as needed..

Plan Builder, Execution made easy:

Plan Builder improves strategy execution, leading to better results. It realizes time savings by reducing manual planning. Ultimately, the Plan Builder fosters team collaboration and better decision making so you have insight along the way by providing a visual tracking of the progress of your GTM plans so you can have confidence by making data-driven decisions.

SOURCE: Centrae, Inc.

About Centrae, Inc.

Centrae is a revenue acceleration platform that combines technology with expertise to optimize value creation and earn additional multiples upon exit. Designed for private equity firms, Centrae deploys proven best practices in portfolio companies. From acquisition to exit, Centrae is the tool PE firms use to scale impact and increase value creation.

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